Jason Li Head illustration Comics by Jason Li

Cantonese Mom Recipes

Home-cooked dishes + recipes. Based on things made by my Cantonese mom. Published 2016-2017.
Illustration of Soy Sauce Chicken
Illustration of Congee
Illustration of Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry
Illustration of Stir-fried Sticky Rice
Illustration of Rice Noodles with Sliced Pork & Chinese Cabbage
Illustration of Steamed Abalone
with Sun-Dried Tangerine Peel
Illustration of Minced Pork Steamed with Preserved Vegetables
Illustration of Pan-Fried Tofu
Illustration of Chicken Wings with Ginger & Shallots
Illustration of Minced Meat with Shredded Bamboo
Shoots & Pickled Vegetables
Illustration of Pan-Fried Fish
Illustration of Braised Pork with Mushroom & Sea Cucumber
Illustration of Chinese Kale
Illustration of Corn Soup
Illustration of Char Siu
Illustration of Hakka Slow Cooked Pork
Illustration of Steamed Fish
Illustration of Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry

About the author

Jason Li is a Hong Kong-based cartoonist and designer. He is the author of The House on Horse Mountain, an upcoming graphic novel about a young girl growing up in a bygone Hong Kong of the 1960s, and creator of Add Oil Comics, a social advocacy webcomic. Integrating elements of social science, illustration and social media, his works have been appeared at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Asian Art Museum, on the BBC, and on the radio in Spain.

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